MOROS: Obscure Rust Operating System

moros screenshot

MOROS is a hobby operating system written in Rust by Vincent Ollivier.

It targets computers with an x86-64 architecture and a BIOS, typically from 2005 to 2020. It also runs well on most emulators.


MOROS is open source. You can build or download an image. Check out the manual for details on how to use it.


MOROS is text-based and draws inspiration from Unix and DOS to provide a simple and efficient environment for computing and communication from the command line. Each program is designed to ensure a cohesive user interface across the entire system.

The shell is the hearth of MOROS, used to navigate the filesystem and run other programs:

shell screenshot

A lisp interpreter serves as the primary programming environment to extend the userspace:

lisp screenshot

A basic text editor is included for editing text files and scripts, and a derived text viewer offers a distraction-free experience for reading long texts:

viewer screenshot

Other utilities include a calculator and the find command, which uses a simple regex engine to search files or lines in the filesystem:

find command screenshot

MOROS features a network stack with drivers for Intel PRO/1000, RTL8139, and PCNET cards, enabling internet access:


It also includes some games:

chess screenshot

And it's quite customizable:

light mode screenshot


Log in to a demo using the name of the system as the password for the guest account:

$ ssh

Happy hacking!